Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Stuff

Brides must always think of their future husbands first! Forget the lingerie!

Smoking is believing that in the very near future you will die of some sort of Cancer.

June Cleaver you ain't!

Feed your body chocolate when you are feeling tired and in a months time you won't be able to fit into that gorgeous dress. You betcha!

Tapeworms to lose weight!? Get outta here! Why didn't we know this sooner! Got to go and seek them in my yard! I'll have John sanitize them since I won't dare touch them, but I will eat them for the sake of reaching thin kingdom glory!

There you have it. It's our fault!

For Kidney stones go wild with salt!

Doesn't matter if she's got morning sickness and carrying your child, give her some Mornidine and she's good to go at the kitchen again. Geez! Give the woman a break!

....on a side note, I have never found myself smiling like this when I'm cooking. Not even for myself. Who does it?

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