Saturday, September 18, 2010

Movies We Watch

Movie: Clash of the Titans

To appreciate this new version, if you care, you must watch the original 1981 version. John digged from his retro tape collection and popped it in our VCR and we went down memory lane. We laughed at how horrible the graphics were but going back in time, this movie rocks!

Now coming back to the 2010 version, we were left scratching our heads. There was no love story between Perseus and Princess Andromeda. His mother dies and he's raised by "humans." No mechanical owl (actually, the owl makes a 5 second cameo), there were a lot of things that were left out from the original, I guess we aimed too high.

In the 2010 version, Perseus sole reason to save the Princess from the Crocken was because he hated the gods and wanted to show them he could defeat the Crocken all by himself without help from the gods or his father-god. He ends up falling in love with...I'm not going to say. The story on this version sucked. The only worth thing watching was Medusa, Scorpions, and the Crocken. The same guy who played the lead from Avatar plays Perseus.

We give it: C-

Movie: Mansfield Park (2007, Masterpiece Theater)

I read the book first and I was loving it up until the end. What a let down. I was mad. It is never good to be second-best. NEVER. I feel that Fanny Price, the heroine in this book, could have married the charming Henry Crawford but decided to risk it in just in case her COUSIN, Edmund Bertram, fell out of love from Mary Crawford, which he did and suddenly out of the blue, his man-light bulb inside his head decides to finally turn on and tells him that oh, how could I be so blind!? "Fanny, you are the love of my life, after all. Would you do me the honor of accepting my hand in marriage, because well, after admitting to you that Mary Crawford was the only woman in this earth that I could ever marry didn't work out after all, would you accept me as your husband. Please say yes, because well, you're my cousin after all and it will be pretty nice to keep in the family, don't you think!?"

What a disastrous ending! Jane Austen made me fall in love with Henry Crawford not the cousin, Edmund Bertram. Come on!

This movie was OK. John liked it. They changed a few things and of course the ending was not expelled bound like Pride and Prejudice or Persuasion.

Rate: D

Movie: Mansfield Park (1999)

I didn't know I was Masochist until I finished watching these two different versions. I read the reviews on both and I couldn't decide which one to go. This version is alot closer to the book than the 2007 version. However, Fanny Price didn't fancy to become a writer! There was nudity in this version so, don't watch it with your kids.

All I kept saying while watching these two different versions was "that was not in the book!"

Rate: D

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