Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

For Labor Day Weekend, we decided to explore our walking trail and see more of it. It took us three days to see it all...actually, we tried but this trail is preferably seen riding bikes than walking.

Day one: There are three paths to this walking trail. This is one part we hadn't seen. Nothing but open land! It was beautiful. We had to hike uphill for this path. Coming down, of course, was easier. This is at the top.

Now, we are going down! and going home. It took us about 45 minutes from our house to see where this part of the trail ended. It was worth it.

Day Two: We are going to the second path of the trail.

More open land! It was amazing! It felt like being in another place, certainly, not in Plano!


There it is! WILDLIFE! Fight, fight, fight!!!

This is another lake we didn't expect to see! The trail continues around this lake. It is pretty large, we opted not to walk it. We were tired and it had taken us 55 minutes to get here! So, we hurried back home!

Day Three: This is the one side of the trail that we have always walked. There is a Creek that runs on all three sides of this walking trail. There is lots of bridges like the one below.

On this side of the trail there are lots of ranches. This side you will see horses. On the other side, cows. At any given time, you will see the owners riding their horses.

The trail ends at this beautiful park with another amazing lake.

For all of the Bon Jovi fans.

The trail also goes around this lake. It is just lovely.

There are tons of ducks swimming on this lake.

"Mom, let's go. Please. I'm tired.

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