Monday, September 13, 2010

Cowboys 2010

I want to believe!!! Make me a believer, please!!! I was excited to watch "AMERICA'S TEAM" to show themselves and beat McNabb and all I saw was the same old Cowboys playing on the field; they brought the same amount of penalties, fumbles and our offence hasn't changed! We are still making the same stupid mistakes!

By the by, Romo is still playing like Romo, the Rookie and he still panics, dude, get over it! And why, oh why do you play a player who ranks the most penalized player in the history of the league to screw up and take away our last chance of winning! Why, oh why!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next: Chicago Bears.

On a more positive note, Sofia is now saying "Cowboys, Touchdown." This was the only highlight of the game last night.

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