Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sewing 101

Who knew sewing a button would be so technical!!!??? Today, I took a beginners sewing class, my beautiful niece, Chaz, joined as well and I learned to sew on a button the correct way and we also learned to make a pleat!

And by the end of the course, I will learn how to make a skirt for myself!! The wonderful teacher also showed us different sewing tools. The only requirement for the class was to bring your own sewing machine.

This all started because, I have been wanting to sew more but without the knowledge on how to do so the proper way it always led me to disappointment and frustration. I have the desire and I feel the calling on learning a new trade!

I want to learn how to read a pattern, cut a pattern, learn grid line, etc, etc, etc. I remember making clothes for my dolls when I was younger and I remember loving it. Well, I want to go back to that but now I have two beautiful baby girls that I can dress up and make clothes to or whatever I want.

Next Saturday, we'll learn other stuff that will lead us to make our own skirt! Can't wait!


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