Friday, January 7, 2011

Five on Friday - Winter

1.Where have you been that could best be described as a winter wonderland?
At the beach!! I don't like snow, or feeling cold. Therefore, to experience winter for me is to expereince it at the beach! Away, far away from brrrrrr temperatures.

2.In what way might you describe this as the winter of your discontent?
Having to return to work after two weeks vacation. It all always sucks!

3.What was the last wintergreen-flavored thing you tasted?
I don't like chewing on gummy stuff, therefore, my answer is never.

4.Is there anyone in your life who could be nicknamed Old Man Winter?
Not Applicable to anyone I know.

5.Now that the holidays have passed, is there anything good about the winter that remains?
Spring comes after Winter, therefore, I can't wait for April!!!

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