Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sewing Project - A Scarf

I have decided to do a sewing project a week. It will be impossible sometimes, but I will at least do two per month. I think this is a better alternative than no projects whatsoever! So, project number one, I made a pleated scarf out of Jersey Knit. No, I have never, ever sewn on a knit and I have learned that I don't like it. But, since I had already made up my mind that I was going to see this project through and fight against all the negativity that usually goes through my mind when I attempt to create something, I  had decided that I was going to see this project done. No matter what!

And here is the end result! The pleats took awhile to do. Sewing the scarf twice as long! What's it worth it? You betcha! I want to do it over again with a different type of jersey knit, one that doesn't stretch as much as this one does.

Here's Raquel trying it on! She loved it! and yes, she had pink eye in this picture.

Up next, Sofia trying on the scarf! And yes, Raquel didn't want Sofia to wear it! That's actually a compliment! 

Here you go. She's happy all over again.

A pretty long scarf for a 14 month old but she carried it very well and never complained!

Before I snapped this picture of my husband John, I had to beg. John believes "real man" don't wear scarves.

I made him feel pitiful.  

"oh Lord, please help me!

"Why did I tell her it was a good idea to do a scarf!" 

Nevertheless, Ms. Patricia, loved it and was very impressed!

And my co-worker, Janelle loved it as well!

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