Friday, January 21, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: A Christmas Carol

What an amazing movie! We had this movie on our Netflix Queue right before it came out and we didn't get until this month. We are thinking a lot of people kept it until Chrismast day to watch it and I don't blame them, it was one of the best versions I have seen so far.

Starring Jim Carey, tells the story of Ebeneser Scrooge and about the visits he confronts of the three ghosts and he's own mortality. Amazing graphics! If you haven't watched this version yet, you won't be dissapointed.

We give it: 5 stars!!

Movie: The Last Airbender

Note: This movie is produced by Nickelodean. Remember this note whenever you decide to watch this movie. This movie feels like you are watching a Hanna Montana movie, hence, I have never ever watched a Hanna Montana movie but if you have, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The way the characters talk in this movie goes something like this: "hey, Airbender, is it, like, really you?" "yeah, is me, dude." "cool!"

WHAT!!! This movie is pretty bad, John ignored the reviews, and decided to give it a chance. The reviews were right. This movie got a little better towards the end but it is still pretty pathetic.

Airbender is someone who can manipulate all four elemements, fire, water, earth and air. Fire is out to conquer all the other three elements for world domination.

The only good thing that happened while watching this movie is that John actually experienced his "own AIRBENDER" if you know what I mean! His "Airbender" was so strong it made both my mom and I jump! My mom told John to be careful with his "Airbender" it could possibly blow us out of the house. John said he was prepping for his "Waterbender."

We give this movie: D-

The martial art fighting among the actors was a joke. They were fighting like girls.

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