Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Johns Corner/ Latest Kicks

I'm highjacking Sandra's blog for today! Who know's I may do it more often. Ususually I'm like the wizard of oz, " pay no attention to the man behind the screen.", I design the blog and update the look of it.

Here are a few things I've been into:

1. Into Ax Men series on History Channel: There's drama in logging... I had no idea. Much to Sandras dismay, I've gotten addicted to this show. I do get sad about the trees, because some of them are several hundred years old, but they save it for me by replanting. Shelby, the crazy cajun logger is my favorite. How can you not love this guy? you hardly ever know what he is saying,  he laughs like Rosco Pecotrain from the Dukes of Hazzard, and jumps in Alligator infested swamp water to get dem logs. It make me want to go logging. Stay tuned ... you may get to see some pics of me scaling my own tree and doing some pruning; its probably as close as I will come to living the dream.

2. Into Sofia singing- How can you not love your kid singing " you are my sunshine" while on the potty, and while using the toilet paper holder bar (what is the name of that spring thing anyways?) as a pretend microphone.... Heeeey, who taught her that.....??

3.  Semi -Into Master Electrician prep class- Its been long over due... I should have gotten it a long time ago and been putting it off. With the way the economy is going its definately is worth while venture. Tonight was my first class and hopefully it gets better. The information was coming fast but was sticking to my brain about as effectively as slapping dry spagetti on the wall. Bunny trails and Monotone teachers kill me... "Anyone...anyone... Bueller... Bueller??" The hightlight... vending machines that take ATM cards... about dag gum time!!!

4. National Geographic TV- I love watching animals in the wild. There was an episode where an amateur videographer caught Lions ambushing a family of Water Buffalo. They singled out the calf from amma and daddy and it knocked it into a river. This calf had (6) lions on him in their death grip and then as they are still trying to take him out a Croc comes out of nowhere and tries to take the Calf from them. I'm thinking this poor little guy is toast! The lions manage to pull him out of the water and the Croc slinks back into the river. This is the cool part, the water buffalo come back with some backup. There must have been 50 water buffalo surrounding the lions. Right off the bat one lion says the heck with this and splits. The remaining lions get run out of town one by one by the aggressive water buffalo until only 2 remain protecting their meal. I'm thinking too bad the calf is dead, but all of a sudden the calf gets up and tries to get out from the grip on the remaining lions. No way it was still alive after all that!! The bufflalo bum rush the last two lions and the calf escapes. Wow! I was amazed that the calf survived lions and a Croc attack, but the thing that got me thinking is how the parents of the calf went and got a herd of buffalo to help them get their kid back.

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