Friday, January 7, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: The Hurt Locker

The movie starts with the following quote: "War is a Drug." The movie is based in current Iraq with our armed forces fighting to protect the Iraqi people from the insurgents. We follow a special Bombs Unit going around Iraq disassembling bombs/mortars. During this movie, you witness different type of soldiers and their reasons for either a: counting their last days until deployment and b: waiting to come back to another assignment. This movie is intense and it takes you right to the core of the war and the environment of how our soldiers live their lives day to day. Very hardcore to watch. Some soldiers do love the adrenaline that they get out of living at the edge.

Times we fast-fowarded: 0

We give it: 4 stars

Movie: Broken Embraces

Spaniard Foreign movie starring Penelope Cruz. One thing to remember about European movies, they view nudity as nothing special. Penelope Cruz plays a secretary struggling to become an actress with an ailing father she's trying to save from dying so she agrees to become a mistress to her wealthy boss. Later on we see her wanting to realize her dream as an actress and ends up falling in love with someone on set and this is where everything turns against her and freeing herself comes at a high price. Very intriguing story. John hated the end, he couldn't understand the meaning. I totally got it!

Times we fast-forwarded: 3

We give it: 3 stars

Movie: The Princess and the Frog

I loved it!! Somewhat dark for Sofia to watch yet, due to the evil dark spirits and voodoo talk. Therefore, I told John that she's not permitted to watch this until she's much much older. I love the character of Firefly and I teared up when Tiana's father tells her that what keeps family together is love. Love.

Very funny and the music is outstanding!

We give it: 5 stars!

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