Monday, July 1, 2013

Gardening 2013

Continuing on to catching up to my blog, here's what happened this spring. It was time to start the garden again!

So this year it's: Tomatoes, corn and melons.

Sofia has been involved since she was a year old. Raquel just likes to be where Daddy is even though she doesn't like gardening much like Sofia.

From the patio, we move towards the front yard.

Sofia was all into this! Raquel didn't like the dirt too much.

 But she still gave it a try.

 High 5! Raquel survived!

Now, Sofia was really concentrated and made sure every little plant was planted just right.

She was focused!

And here she is again, watering.

Sofia, the water expert!

So, this year besides the picture below, we have only had tomatoes. I'm not complaining.

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