Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer Roll

I knew there was something missing in my life: Sushi. I can't never say no to Sushi. Is like saying no to water. I have been craving Sushi since the day I found out I was pregnant...3 months and one week ago.
So, today, I went and bought me Summer Roll's. There were four of them and oh my gosh, they were so good. I knew that's what I was missing. Not to fear the shrimp was steamed, and John found out for me that I can eat Eel. So, I'm getting me some Eel Sushi next week. I might even go to the Sushi place on Beltline and Tollway with John on our Lunch date next week and get me a Tempura Box with summer rolls on the side. This stuff is Yummy. Our children will eat sushi too. I will make sure they love it as much as we do. -Sandra.

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