Monday, November 16, 2009


So we got beaten by the cheese heads. Fortunately, I was not able to see the whole game but at least we were not shut out. But I was able to see the Colts and Pats game last night. Now, that was a Mano a Mano quarterback game last night! Manning and Brady are gunslingers! These guys can throw! Why can't Romo throw like that!? John says cause he ain't good enough.

Good thing Philly lost yesterday as well. We still hold first place in our NFC Conference but for how long? December is coming and for the past years December has not been jolly to us.

Next: Redskins (3-6) These guys beat Broncos yesterday. hmmm... I did not watch the game but makes you wonder if Broncos just left their guard down or the Redskins are just now starting to play football. We'll have to wait and see. -Sandra.


D.Richmond said...

This cheesehead was at the game!

As the game unfolded, my thoughts kept coming back to what you were going to have to say about the game and about Romo.

Jerry Jones walked right past me prior to the start of the game. I could have delivered a personal message to him from you.

John, Sandra, Sofia, Raquel Seaman said...

So, I see you are still bitter about loosing to the Vikings! It must have been hard to recover, I can understand, luckily we are still on top of our conference and not on the wild card column.

I know you were at the game! I tried to look you up on our TV but got tired with the sea of ugly yellow all over my screen. -Sandra.

D.Richmond said...

You're too funny!

At least there weren't Jessica Simpson look-a-likes all over the place like there was last year.

I have to admit I miss Farve and the excitement he brought to the game. Donald Driver is my new Mr. Excitement because he makes plays happen. Jared Bush is a crappy player but he had some pretty good dance moves while waiting for a kick off to begin. He had the whole crowd dancing!

We sit right by the tunnel where the Packer players come out of the locker room. We can lean over the wall and high five them as they pass by. J. Bush stopped by us and jumping up and down continued to high five us - I almost dislocated a finger and my hand stung because he hit it so hard. I may not stick my hand down in there again.

I know we won but I'm not sure why Bush was so excited because on the drive home the radio guys were really slamming his personal performance. I guess ignorance is bliss. Cowboy fans probably know something about that.

By the way, you amaze me with all your blog posts and a newborn in the house. You're a better woman than me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

John, Sandra, Sofia, Raquel Seaman said...

better woman than you!? I don't think so! This is my scape from two screaming children!-Sandra.