Friday, November 2, 2012

Five on Friday - Exertion

1.What was the cause of your last working up a sweat?

Cleaning two bathrooms, cleaning my entire wood floors, and kitchen floor, kitchen table and yesterday, I did laundry. I need a job so someone else can clean for me.

2.What routine part of your life seems to take more mental effort for you than for most others?

Waking up every morning.

3.What’s something many others consider laborious but you consider rather easy?

Cooking for my family. Even though I HATE cooking, I rather see my family eat healthy than junk food. So, my hate of cooking must be put aside.

4.What’s something you’re going to have to do really soon but have been putting off just because it’s going to be a lot of work?

Run more than one day a week. Really, I can't lose my weight if I don't run more than once a week.

5.Where’s the steepest hill in your neighborhood?

The walking trail across the street from my house has several hills, I don't know which one I hate the most, they are all the same.

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