Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goofy Stuff!

So one day, we had nothing to do but build Ponyville.

Sofia may look like me, but it's nothing like me. Coco killed this lizard, Sofia had to make sure he was dead and was pretty intrigued by how it looked. Raquel and I stayed behind...

Again, nothing I ever did at her age.

Look Mommy!

One of the fishies died. We were all shocked.

Yep, we buried it. Sofia finally named it, Lucy. 

We said a prayer. 

On more happier times, Sofia reading Clifford to Coco Beware.

Coco, the Princess! 

While Sofia practiced her cartwheels, Coco stayed in that same position watching Sofia.

We made cupcakes, and they ate cupcakes before they were cooked! 
Times two! 

My babies had the flu last week and here she is acting goofy!

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