Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What that....????

So this morning, I got up and both of my girls were still sleeping which was odd because they wake me up every morning but this morning I actually got up by myself without anyone screaming through the monitors. So, I came out from my bedroom to let the dogs out and lo and behold, I saw snow coming down and I quickly rushed to Sofia's room to get her ready for her first snow picture! There wasn't much but heck it was snow raining down our green lawn. Unfortunately, right now as I'm typing this the snow is gone the sun is out and there is no sign that it even snowed this morning. That's why I hurried to get Sofia dressed before it stopped and disappeared.

Here she has no clue on what to do. I know she was looking at me like, "uhmm, it's cold mom and I'm hungry!!!"

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