Friday, April 2, 2010

Warm Weather at Last!

We have been stepping out on the backyard all this week. So nice to ditch our winter clothes and break out fun summery clothes and hats!
Here's Raquel very happy.

No, she's not happy anymore. In fact, she's telling me she's getting upset.

Definately, upset.

and here's another of Raquel's little smirks. Ms. Attitude in the making.

Sofia's hats from last year still fits! yippee!

Sofia doing her daily reading by the garden. She seemed pretty relaxed.

Here's Raquel finally at the garden! John likes to start training when they are young. Second apprentice on the works!

I want to cry when I see Sofia's pictures from 2 years ago. This was Sofia at 2 months already been trained as John's first Apprentice. Where did my baby go!!! (it is nice to sleep again, though..)

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