Sunday, April 24, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: Get Low

Out of all the mediocre movies we have seen, there is Get Low. Starting Robert Duvall as the old crooner who lives in the woods alone for about 40 years, why? No one knows and everyone has judged him as crazy until Felix Bush (Duvall) decides to throw a living funeral service to find out what people truly say about him. However, at the funeral, we find out why Felix Bush has been in solitude for 40 years. I would sum up this story as a story of forgiveness. Truly one of the best movies of 2009. I totally recommend this movie. Very funny at times. Bill Murray plays the Funeral Director, he's outstanding!

We give it 4 stars!

Movie: All About My Mother

This movie is what not to watch. I love foreign movies but this foreign movie from Spain, Penelope Cruz stars as a Nun who becomes pregnant by a travesty and to hide it she tells her parents she's going on a mission to El Salvador! of all countries, she's replacing the nuns that were just killed during the civil war. No positive message or nothing to learned from except that I have never heard of a Nun sleeping with travesties! Whatever!

We give it ZERO stars!!!

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