Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happenings - Sofia and Raquel

I've been ignoring my blog and before I let die, I will commit to blogging again!
So, here they decided to wear the same outfit and Sofia loves to do Raquel's chance every time I'm looking she's spraying her hair with water and/or placing all of the hair clips on Raquel.

Raquel helping celebrate her school friend's 3rd b/day party! I bought her this skirt and she felt really pretty on this day.

One day, Sofia decided to help me do dishes and I said why not! She enjoyed it very much even though she hasn't asked to do it again but this is just a glimpse of her future helping around in the kitchen.Although, she's been very good about giving our dogs water every day.

She did make sure her little pony was watching her.

Sofia is not only reading, she's also spelling! She's gotten really good! She'll breeze through kindergarden!

Sofia been goofy. It was not cold outside, she just happened to go through her dresser and found these.

Raquel is never left behind.

This picture was taken to showcase her little cat sitting on her lap. This was the only purpose for this picture.

John and I wonder how she can sit like this and not feel pain on her knees.

A good sign spring is near!

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