Friday, July 9, 2010

Movies we watched

Here it goes. If you don't care to read, please move on to reading something more interesting.

Movie: Alice in Wonderland

Starring Johnny Depp who plays the Mad Hatter was fantastic playing the Hatter. John and I did agree that this Tim Burton version of Wonderland is pretty different from the Disney movie version, so we think is a continuation of the Alice in Wonderland story and takes her as she comes back to Wonderland as an older girl. In this version, everyone in Wonderland talks about Alice being there before, but Alice does not remember anything or does she? Now, I remember the original Alice wore only one dress, whether she grew tall or very short the dress never changed, but in this version every time she got small or tall her dress changed. They were very cute outfits but why so many!? Just saying!

Anne Hattaway is very funny as the White Queen, although her English accent was not as good as Johnny Depp's. Not that mine is any good, heck, mine is not good at all!

We loved this version and watched it twice! Not for small children there is a mean Dragon and is very scary for young kids, I would say is OK for 13 year olds. We give it a 4 out of 5 Stars!

Movie: The Illusionist

If you like magicians this is a movie you should watch. "Nothing is what it seems." Really!? Well, this movie got us fooled! We were so into it that at the end of the movie, we were asking, "well, how did he do that!?" DUH! is a movie!

Edward Norton (The Hulk) is the Illusionist who performs magical acts every night and the towns people are in awe with him. Yes, there is romance between him and Jessica Biel, she plays the Duchess in love with him who is to marry the Prince. They love each other so much they planned to scape together until tragic hits one of them, or does it!!!??? The town's Sheriff is under pressure to arrest the Illusionist under grounds of fraud. Then the Illusionist starts calling spirits! YIKES!

Both John and I enjoyed the entire movie, but we wished the ending was just a tad different, but overall we were wondering how he did all those tricks!? We had to keep reminding ourselves that it was just a movie! 3.5 out of 5. Not a kid movie.

*I still think Edward Norton was best as Hulk than Eric Bana.


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