Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

In honor of Labor Day, I cleaned the bathrooms not because I like cleaning our bathrooms but it just so happened they were due to be clean on Labor day. At any rate, we decided to do our Labor Day walk-a-thon ritual again like we did last year and as I looked at the pictures from last Labor day, this is what I found:

Raquel with no curly hair and wearing a onesie and Sofia still doing the stroller.

And here they are today.

Here's the lake last year....

...and here's the lake today. If you thought we were kidding about having the worst Texas drought in years, see for your self. It's bad.

Still some water remaining on this creek but not much.

Please help up pray for rain.

So, after our walk-a-thon, we decided to hit Braums.

One good reason you don't see me in ANY of these pictures is because I had no make up and had not brushed my hair for two days. I did wash my hair but was too lazy to do anything about it, therefore, I looked like I was ready to celebrate Halloween. 

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