Sunday, September 18, 2011

Latest Hapennings

This is how happy Sofia looked on her first day of school.

Not a very happy first day of School for Raquel since she had to be grabbed from me because she wouldn't let me go, but I did check back after five minutes and she was happy playing with the toys. However, I was crying.

When I picked her up she was happy playing but as soon as she heard me call out her name, she started crying again.

I was so happy to see her! 

So, we took Grandpa and Grandma out to Lubby's!! I love Lubby's! 

After I picked up Sofia later on, we went to a playdate with some other moms at this Allen Water Park. 

Raquel's curly hair really stands out...

This past Tuesday, we celebrated Sammy's 13th birthday at Cici's.

Sofia and Raquel do not eat Pizza so I made sure they had dinner before. I think John fed them something really sweet.

On our way home!

Sofia picked up these flowers from our garden to give to my mom! She's so sweet!

Poor Lenny! He has to endure Sofia's games! 

We had the Plano Balloon Festival this weekend and as soon as we heard the fireworks outside outside our house we checked them out! So nice we don't have to deal with traffic! 

John playing with Sofia and Raquel

Sofia has been doing this little stunt from the couch for about a month and I thought that it would take Raquel until next summer to do it. Well, she proved me wrong.

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