Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8th Year Wedding Anniversary

John's strongest feeling about our 8th year anniversary was Thankful. Mine was Impressed.
Impressed because there was a time that I didn't think we would see our 6th. I am also thankful that we were able to climb that wall and finally walk past it. While climbing that wall, we fell and cried, but every fall we got up and tried again and here we are now on our 8th better than our 6th and growing each day.

John gave me this beautiful inspirational frame. I love what it says. He also took me to eat to my favorite Sushi place. I didn't eat Sushi of course. I did eat Eel, cooked, Miso soup and Tempura.

Here it sits at my office right besides my baby's picture.
I don't expect jewels or nothing expensive. After what we have been through I have learned to cherish those things that can never be replace. My marriage. -Sandra.

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D.Richmond said...


I pray for a lifetime more for you two.