Thursday, June 11, 2009

John's proud moment

Here it is! His first Corn out of his garden! I think this is his third year trying to get one of this to grow and it finally did. John did his homework and started to work on the soil way back in December. He was so excited!

The middle corn is John's compared to the non-organic corn. I ate the big corn, I'm eating for two and there was no way, I was going to eat John's first Corn.

Here's the lucky garden corn all ready to eat after it sat on the barbecue grill.

Below are the tomatoes! Can't wait! Last year we weren't very lucky, but this year we will have a tomato fest! There are so many coming out.
And below is John's first pumpkin making its debut. We'll see how far this one makes it. So far, John was able to kill the bugs that infest this plant. He decided not to go organic with pumpkins. But that's OK with me, don't like pumpkin anyway you put it. I just like them for decoration for Halloween.

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