Monday, June 29, 2009

Sofia's Corner

It has been really hot here in Texas. So, I bought Sofia several hats. This one is the smallest. I bought her two really nice big hats that cover much more than this one. Every time I put her hat on, she knows she's going out to the yard. She knows the drill now.

Here we are at The McIvors pool! Big nice pool! Look at the view of their backyard! I love it! The water was so nice. Sofia enjoyed herself as we did. We love their friendship and we are so happy to hear the news that Zara is expecting her third child! God bless them.

Below are John's first crop of Tomatoes. They are big. More are coming. So our problem now is to find fast ways to eat them. That's a nice problem to have and it is really nice not to pay overpriced tomatoes this summer. Actually it's a blessing!
This pumpkin doesn't look big in this picture, but in reality it is big! There are many like this and so far this is the first time John is successful with them. More pictures later!

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