Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lakers win...Big deal

After watching the NBA finals, I give it a big 2 out of 10. 10 being the highest. It was boring to watch. I was rooting for Orlando Magic, but they played not much better than the Mavericks played when we last saw them embarrassed themselves in the their last NBA finals.
John was telling me last night that Kobe has been placed number 13th on the list of best NBA players. We both think he was ranked too high, Kevin Garnett was placed 30th. Dirk Nowitsky was placed 50th, this maybe due to his jailed pregnant girlfriend. At any rate, this NBA finals was a dud to watch.
Now the only sports on TV is baseball. Another yawn! HOWEVER, The Texas Rangers are doing pretty good this year, and a lot of people including myself are jumping on the bandwagon. I haven't watched a game yet, well, perhaps only an inning but I do read their stats and sports commentaries about them. Maybe they'll make the playoffs, I still think it is along shot for them to make the world series. Long shot! But at least they are playing good this year. - sandra.

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