Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Seaman Numero 2 - Update

What’s new besides getting belly big? This week I’m 29 weeks, which means 10 to go and I’m up to 25lbs total gained weight. Not too shabby, but I’m not done yet! So, far I’m staying away from the Texas heat and drinking lots of fluid, my doc said that from here on out, it shall start getting cooler. I said what? That don’t happen until October, and he said, that’s good because that’s your 9th month. Ok... At any rate, in the next three weeks, I have been scheduled for my 3D Sonogram!!! Can’t wait!

John is already working on the baby’s nursery; I’ll post those pictures when he’s done as well. He has been working very hard. He’s done painting, this weekend he’s installing the wood floors on both Sofia’s room and the baby’s room. Then, John will complete the baby’s room by remodeling the closet just like Sofia’s and installing dimmers in the baby’s room and that shall cover it and drain our account. Now, I got to buy two area rugs to complete both rooms before I’m due. I’m thinking about moving Sofia’s wall décor to the baby’s room and get Sofia new wall décor. I’m thinking butterflies, I’m not sure why.

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