Sunday, August 9, 2009

Itsy-Bitsy Spider

This past Thursday when I got home from work, I noticed Sofia's left ankle looked noticeably different from her right ankle. When I took her shoe off, I notice her left ankle was swollen and I immediately sounded the red alarm. I didn't notice any bites or anything out of the ordinary, so I thought maybe she twisted her ankle. She wasn't in any pain either. So, what I did was google "swollen ankle on 18 month old babies" and of course, like her doctor said the next day, "you always get the worst things when you google."

The next morning, her ankle got worse and her skin was red. The swelling was moving further along and I also noticed two dots resembling bites in the back of her foot. I called her doc, got an early morning appointment, and the doctor said that it could be a spider bite and that she needed antibiotics. He also said, that if I would have waited one more day, Sofia would have ended up at the hospital. We were in and out of his office in 20 minutes and I said, "praise the Lord for private insurance!"

Today the swelling has gone down dramatically and I thank the Lord that her foot is beginning to look normal again and God bless her Pediatrician and private insurance!

John has been out of town this week and I took the pictures so he could see I was not being over dramatic. We still dont know how it happened. John says it must have crawl in her crib but I say it must have happened outside in the yard.

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