Friday, August 14, 2009

The Pillow

Alright, so my pregnant belly is getting pretty big and I'm not even 7 months yet, and it is getting pretty rough to catch a good night sleep. So, I decided this time around to get or purchase help. So, I searched and searched and found it! I know of one person who purchased this pillow and was quiet satisfied with it, so I took a chance. It has been 2 weeks and I'm sleeping with no real problems. I just hope that in my final 4 weeks of this pregnancy it will still be able to help me sleep instead of sleeping in the recliner. The woman in this pic looks quiet comfortable and it is! It gives me the back support that I need. Love it! It is quiet big, and it still leaves John good enough space for him to sleep on his side of the bed.Now, when I ordered this pillow, I decided to get it in green. One of my fave colors, so, after a couple of days it was reminding me of someone...or something I had seen in the past and it hit me, Gumby!!! My pillow looks like Gumby! John thinks I'm crazy, but when you stand up the pillow it looks like Gumby. I have this imagination that doesn't failed me so, I have named my pillow, Gumby, the Green Pillow.

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