Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Saints Welcome New Families Playdate!

This weekend, we went to Sofia's school welcome playdate for the new families. I have to say that I was hesitant but open about it. It is so strange that many moons ago, I used to go to my nephews events at this same school. Never in a hundred years did I ever think I was going to be there with my daughter. God is great!

Here's Sofia with Auntie Vanessa!

Vanessa found this little corner where there was still some shade where Sofia could play with the sand.

The lady in red is Sofia's teacher. Her name is Teresa and she's from Poland. John liked her alot. I'm going to reserve my opinion until I see more of her throughout the year.

Group Picture! We need more of these! And yes, right behind Sofia sits my very big belly!

After the Little Saints event, we went to L&L's for some good Hawaiin food. Hence the word Mahalo in the back.

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