Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall 2010

Fall is finally here and I'm so happy that this is the beginning of the end of allergy season which means that Sofia will start breathing like a normal human being. She's the Allergy Queen.

We had her tested for allergies and she came out positive for everything but dogs! I was glad because I wouldn't have been able to get rid of my dogs...well, except for Lenny. At any rate, so, this morning our house was pretty chilly and when I started looking through Sofia's dresser for warmer clothes, I found few that fit her. Most of her 2T clothes are getting pretty small and her pants are not fitting properly, I'm thinking is her diaper, who knows, but that will soon go as well. I am scheduled to potty train her AGAIN this coming December. This time is do or DIE! Pee or sink!

Raquel will be off her bottle by next week Friday or until her last can of formula last, so that means we get a raise and if I'm able to potty train Sofia, DOUBLE RAISE in our pockets! And to celebrate, I'll buy me a pair of shoes!

So off to Target I go this weekend to buy Sofia proper winter clothes!


Amanda Borenstadt said...

Wow, your little ones are both starting to reach milestones. Yay! I hope it all goes smoothly. :)

The Seaman's said...

pray for me when I potty train my daughter again! I'm not looking forward to it, but is a task I can't escape from!

I never knew stress like this before!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Oh, yes. You'll have my prayers.
I don't like potty training. It wasn't easy with any of my kids.