Saturday, October 2, 2010

5 Things About Me Right Now

1. I have been on a writers block hiatus. I have a lot to share and express but nothing comes out. I have also been on a creativity block hiatus. But Halloween is coming up and Sofia gets the chance to dress up at school this year and this is my opportunity to redeem myself from that awful cookie costume I made last year and I have decided that I will make her a flower outfit thanks to Martha Stewart. I will not entertain the idea to buy her an outfit that's way too easy.

2. We all miss my mom now that she's flown back home, but she's where God wants her to be. She's been living with us for so long, it feels odd not having her around the house.

3. Birthday's do not matter anymore now that my life is filled with John and my girls. They are all that matter to me.

4. I am soon to be a grand-dog-mother. I think this is how you say it, I don't know, please correct me if I'm wrong. Billy, our chihuahua, is going to be mating with Molly, my niece's fiancee chihuahua. They have not been successful as of today but I hope that changes soon. We love Molly already. I don't want her going away.

5. Today marks the beginning of planning Raquel's b/day party. It is not until November but it is never too early to start. I love planning events! It gives something else to if I don't have a million things to do already. Thankfully, I can multitask.

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