Thursday, December 30, 2010

5 Things About Me Today

1. I got two more shots for my Plantar Fasciitis! I'm having to wear a splint on my left foot when I sleep. Marvelous, isn't!? I want to be pain free, I want to be able to run to loose the weight and be able to run pain free with my daughters. I'm also going to a Chiropractor to heal my sciatic pain. It is getting better but I'm not there yet. All in due time.

2. Sofia potty training is going great! She's had two dry nights so far and she's gotten up in the middle of the night to announce that she needs to go! This is great! We had to unplug number 2 from her today; she had gone 4 days w/out relief and we decided to take matters into our parental hands and with a lot of anxiousness on my part, Sofia got relief. It didn't come down easy; she fought it but couldn't hold it in. Sofia struggled but she was freed. She was able to do it on her own after lunch so we'll see if the trend continues. This phase is stressful but I'm loving not changing diapers!

3. We are taking the Christmas tree down today and lights around the house. Time moves way too fast!

4. I cut my hair yesterday (short bob.) Short hair works for me right now with my busy mornings. No longer do I spend 45 minutes on my hair alone. Those were the days!

5. For New Years, John and I have decided to be home. Cook a special dinner, Say a prayer, open a bottle of wine, later on opened a bottle of champagne and watch the ball drop in Times Square then say a another prayer!

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