Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Seaman Girls

Sofia posing with Snowman.

Sofia: hey! get out the way, Raquel! You are blocking my picture! 

Raquel: "what? Oh, sorry. Click away." 

Sofia: "ok, mom! Click away!" 

At the IHOP! 

They stayed in this position for 30 minutes coloring. Raquel does whatever Sofia wants to do...sometimes. 

Raquel: I'm looking for the Elephant hat, mami. Have you seen it!? 

Again, Raquel opens a book whenever Sofia opens a book. 

Acting silly with Daddy. 

I'm a princess! 

What are looking at, willis? 

Thank you so much, Pati, for Sofia's and Raquel's stockings!! We love them! 

Today, December 21st, we had 80 degree weather. 

Raquel's face was red from the heat!  

Looking at our Christmas lights! 

This is a Thanksgiving picture! 

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