Friday, December 3, 2010

Five on Friday - Wrapping

1. How seriously do you take gift-wrapping when you give gifts?

It depends if I'm running out of time. But when I have the time to wrap gifts, I make sure it looks nice and presentable.

2. Do you save gift-wrapping to re-use later?

No. I never have. I only recycle gift bags.

3. How picky are you when it comes to selecting wrapping paper?

It takes me a long time to pick just about anything. Unless, I'm running late then I just grab whatever and go.

4. How much attention do you pay to the way gifts you receive are wrapped?

I don't care if it comes wrapped in newspaper or a plastic bag! I acknowledge the act of giving!

5. Among people you know, who is the most talented at wrapping gifts?

I will have to say is between my Mom and John. They are both very detail about it.

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