Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Things About Me Today

1. I CAN RUN!!! I have been running a mile with about 5% Plantar Fasciitis pain! I'm so, so happy! It has taken me exactly two years to feel the joy of running again! I'm not pushing myself because I don't want to re-injured myself all over again, therefore, I am running about twice a week. My first week I ran the mile at 16.20, this week, I'm running the mile at 15.15!! I was at 9.24. It will be a long tough road but I will get close to 9.24, not sure if I can make it there again, but all I want right now is to run a 5K. I'm taking John and the girls with me!

2. I have been sewing even though I have not blog about it. I think this is why I have been posting less and less. My free time is being consumed in sewing bags. Yep, bags. I am currently making two bags, same design, two different fabrics. I will post when I'm done and hopefully, I will able to take great pictures of them to post on my Etzy shop. And I will also make appointments at Boutiques to sell them off. I guess this is a personal quest of mine. God willing, I will be successful at it. I'm in my zone when I'm sewing, creating, bleeding blood sewing. Just like when I run, I feel free, when I sew I feel creative.

John and I were watching Top Chef, All Stars, last night and one of the finalist said, "I hate everything I do! even though people love what I cook, I hate it, it is never good enough" I'm like, I do too, that's how I feel. No matter how great my sewing project has turn out, or how many wows I get, it is never good enough, all that goes through my mind is "I could have done better." Is like, I turn into a perfectionist and I can tell you right now, I'm far from a perfectionist!

3. It hasn't rain in Dallas in over a month. Everyone has allergies and my Asthma has gotten worse. I had to upgrade my medication just to be able to breath. I'm praying for rain. Not Tornadoes, not floods, just rain.

4. Lent is here and I have committed myself to self sacrifice once again. Not saying what I'm sacrificing but this time I'm not giving up anything tangible, just sort of  a spiritual sacrifice.

5. Anyone reading this, please continue on praying for the people of Japan.

God Bless!



D.Richmond said...

I'm so excited for you that you are running again! Enjoy!

The Seaman's said...

thank you!!!