Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: SALT

This is a great espionage movie with all the drills and thrills you hope for in a fast action movie about a Russian sleeper Spy (Angelina Jolie) who is accused of being a spy out to assassinate the POTUS.

All along, she proves them right, but is she the only Russian Sleeper Spy around us who is out to kill the POTUS? We loved this movie! We were hooked until the very end...and then the end there is a cliffhanger!!! Is there part two!? We hope so!

5 stars for all that action and butt kicking!

Movie: Inception

To implement a thought in a persons mind or in other words to infiltrate the dreams of other people, in this case to infiltrate the dreams of powerful executives to rob them out of important information.

When Dom (Dicaprio) infiltrates it is usually only done in a two dream levels. When Inception is done they go for 3 or plus dream level. To go back to the previous level they must die at that level and or be awaken if the fail they will remain in limbo state therefor die.

While watching this movie, John (my hubby) tells me he's experienced the two level dream trips...I'm like "get out of here, really? I didn't know there was such a thing in real life; he reassures me it has happened to him twice." My mom has experienced this dream level trip as well...I told him, I knew there was something weird about them because they both believe in aliens. I have only done the one dream level and I like to keep them that way. Now, the hot dreams, I would love those to go in all levels!

At any rate, great movie, the ending we didn't know if it was a dream or Dom actually was able to make it. Another continuation may be coming!

5 stars.

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