Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trial and Error of the Day - Game Time

If you have a ticket to a game, let's say for instance a Mavericks Basketball game, you check the date AND time and then you make sure you type it or write it on your calendar so that when you go and pick up said tickets you avoid an embarrassing moment.

John: "I came to pick up my tickets for tonight's game please"

Teller: "uhmmm, what game exactly are you talking about that's happening tonight"

John: "well, the Mavericks game of course" "duh"

Teller: "let me see, yeah, that game is schedule for NEXT Friday the 8th, Sir."

John: "what?"

Teller: "Yes, sir, but you are not entirely wrong, sir. The Mavericks are playing tonight. They are playing in California.

........True story, I swear!!!!


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