Friday, July 8, 2011

Five on Friday - Rock Star Treatment

1.What instructions do you have for your chauffeur this weekend?

Drive me to the shops, the pool and to end the day, a fine restaurant and because he's driving, I'm allowed to get tipsy.

2.What instructions do you have for your personal chef this weekend?

Cook only healthy meals for my daughters, husband and me with snacks in between, make sure the kitchen always looks clean and at the end of the day, make sure you leave a delicious dessert that won't make me fat.

3.What instructions do you have for your errand-boy (or errand-girl) this weekend?

Go buy groceries at Sprouts and Whole Foods, make sure you don't go over budget and only buy fresh produce, store all the groceries where they belong...oh and make sure the gas in my car is full.

4.What instructions do you have for your maid this weekend?

Do my laundry, clean the toilets, clean the floors, clean my room, clean my windows and water the garden  and my plants, and grass and bathe my dogs.

5.You don’t have a personal handyman, so I’m lending you mine. What three tasks would you like him to tackle this weekend?
Fix my hammock outside and fix my fridge.
-Wouldn't this be nice? -Sandra.

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