Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I need to commit and blog so more now that I am a unemployed stay home mom, I should have more free time to do this but I don't! So, here's what's been happening lately in our crazy world!

John bought about three kids board games for us to play with the girls and so far the count goes something like this: Raquel 10 wins, Sofia 1, Daddy, 1, Mom, 1. Last night as Raquel won twice in a row, John said that if we ever go to Las Vegas, Raquel will definately be joining us at the Casinos.

Either Raquel doesn't care to win or she's just plain lucky!

Beauty Shop! Sofia playing Manolo (my hairdresser.) She was styling Raquel's hair. She said Raquel needed a new look as in, "she needs to get rid of those curls, mom!"

Raquel was loving all the pampering!

Sofia is full of ideas!

Now Raquel's turn!

Boxes + Children = Fun!

They fell hard on the floor several times but they just kept going.

De-stressing from work. Tackling Rapunzel's hair on a Friday night. 

Rock on!

My Cutie pie!

My Angel!

As if having three dogs in the house wasn't enough already, John decided it was time to own two fishes. I was the only not excited about this. 

John likes to cook so this time, he decided to cook up some Salvadorean Pupusas without having all the ingrediants. It was alright.

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