Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Favorite Things This Month - January

1. World Market - I like this store. But I like it even more when they have great sales, like 50% off on furniture. After owning our dining table with a broken leg for the last 8 years, we decided that it was time to replace it. So, we went to World Market and bought our new dining table. But it wasn't 50% off, it was 60% off! The cashier asked if I was a member, I said, "not yet." So, she I became I member and she gave an extra 10% off on all my purchases that day! yey!

2. Personal Interior Decorator - I can sew but I cannot decorate my house or anything around me. I'm pretty clueless. I know what I like, but I usually don't buy it because I'm unsure of where to put it. My sister, Yesenia is the opposite. So, I hired her and she did amazing! My house is starting to look like descent people live here.

3. Seasoning Blend - I hate cooking. Let me say that again. I hate cooking. But I want my daughters to eat healthy and since I cannot afford a chef or a maid to cook for us, I must do the cooking. This month, I discover, Seasoning Blend. I discovered that I can put it on anything and it makes everything taste good! So, I have found another seasoning to work along while I cook.

4. Patience - This month I also discovered that patience is truly a virtue. The Lord wants me to wait on Him and not worry about my unemployment status. It has taken me four long months to finally let go and let God do his work. Breath in, breath out and pray.

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