Friday, January 11, 2013

Resolutions 2013

I forgot to post this earlier but here it goes:

1. Wait on the Lord. Be patient and be joyful.

2. I hate diets; I feel constrained but I can't eat like its 1999 anymore so I've decided to cut my portions smaller with an occasional alcholic drink here and there the same goes with pies....hmmmm. I love pies but I also love to feel healthy so half a portion of pie will do.

3. Keep up with my running! I have been so bad since I got laid off and my goal is to run 15 miles each week. That will surely burn some serious fat off my waist.

4. I have to work not allow myself to be easily discourage. I have to remember: "Do not give up; the beginning is always the hardest." I must remind myself this everyday and pick myself up.

5. Join a church ministry. I don't thinkI do enough with only volunteering with Retrouvaille. All Saints has asked me to join their woman's circle even though they all range in the 60's age group.

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