Friday, October 10, 2008

Turkey Trot Training Update

WEEK 1: I manage to push myself and go. I didn't want to. I wanted to be by my baby and hubby. But the class has been paid for and I'm not going to let money just slide away just because I don't feel like going. So here's the run down.
On Monday we did the one magic mile run. Explanation: they have you run 4 times around the track which equals to one mile and they time you. Well, even though this lady and I came dead last, I still managed to run at 10:32 the mile and you say "NOT BAD!" I know! This was my time last year pre-baby body running time.
Yesterday, Thursday: We ran for 35 minute straight! and yes, I did it!!! Don't ask me how much I hurt today, but it hurts. I have not ran like that for over a year and even though the feeling is good the pain is not. So far there are 12 ladies and one gentleman in our class and my couch is Chrissy! She's awesome, this is my second time training with her so that's nice.
This Sunday we are running for 40 minutes long (no stopping, no cheating) since everyone is meeting at the Mockingbird Dallas Store and this is only a social class run, I have decided to save money on gas, I'll just go to the beautiful walking trail by my house (literally by my house) I'll wake up my hubby, with Sofia, she don't need no wakening and we are running for 40 minutes, dang it! John needs to loose pounds anyways, he hasn't ran since he did the "Too hot to handle" run in July, so he'll just run with me on Sunday's. aja! See you until next update! GOBBLE, GOBBLE! s.s

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