Monday, November 3, 2008

This is Halloween???

Welcome to the Seamans HaUnTeD HoUsSsSsSe HA HA HA he... ha ....ha....hee.....!!!!!!.....Well maybe mildly inhabited by some benign plastic spirits house. Sofia's first Halloween was pretty fun, despite the small turn out of kids trick or treating. What happened to the good ole days where it was non-stop kid action? We had maybe 6 sets of kids come by the house this year, it was definately down. I miss seeing the outfits. We saw 2 Transformers, a couple princesses, hulk, spiderman, Ironman and Batman. I actually felt pretty safe knowing that all the Super Heroes were on the Scene.

I suspected a small turnout when there was alot of houses that did not deck out for Halloween; maybe Obamas promise of redistributing wealth caused the Treaters to go to more well established areas outside their neighborhood to go trick or treating and load up on the bounty, or maybe the ones that normally pounded down the doors getting that candy feared that it would taken away and given to others, who maybe only knocked on a couple doors, for the sake of fairness??? Ok enough political sarcasm.

It was her first year and we didn't plan to take her out because she was still too little and what would we do with all that candy...pshh we are adults and don't touch the stuff...well...maybe butterfingers, ohh and Baby Ruth those rock, yeah.. and skittles...ok ... I admit... I took all the left overs to work!!! We did dress her up which was alot of fun and made it all worth it!
The above picture is how the Trick or Treaters were greated " Yes.. What do you want??"

Our little Pumpkin!!! Que pasa Calabasa??

The only living pumkin in my pumpkin patch :(

The lone survivor. I got demolished by the bane of my patch... the dreaded Squash vine borer. After 3 years of failure I will bring out the big guns next year... The hell with organic gardening...pshh...I will not only bring out the sevin dust, but also eight, nine, and monkey style kung fu dust on their bug rears!!!! YEAH!!! Get ready for the beat down bugs... I be like " why you bugging punks?"

Daddy " leaf me alone" ok! I'm not trying to be like everyone else, I dressed this way first and they copied me, these are my henchmen!!

Me and Mommie!

We are truly blessed!!
Actually Dad, to be more specific I'm a French Pumkin. You can call me "Le Potiron"!!

Ok This blog is officially Squashed

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