Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time Change

It really never occurred to me how much this Fall back changing time event was going to effect my little Sofia.
She was feeling the effect of it all day today. I didn't think that one hour was going to be a big deal but it was for her. Her schedule doesn't change much nowadays unless she's sick and loses her appetite. However, this evening was the worst for her.
She loves her bath time, but it didn't not come fast enough for her. While watching the Cowgirls play today, oops, I mean the Cowboys, Sofia, was in one of those moods that whatever you do, she's not having any of it. It was 6pm but for her it was 7pm and she needed to unwind, take her bath and take her last 6 ouncer. At Zayden's Pirate Birthday party today, Sofia was uneasy as well. Although, she did liked one of the books Mima got her today, I know she liked it because, we couldn't get it out of her mouth. Thanks Mima! You are sweet!
But at the end of the day we did managed to get her all happy. God willing, tomorrow is a better day for her. I hear Arizona is the only State that doesn't change times...lucky for them.
Have a great week, ya'll!

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