Friday, November 7, 2008

Turkey Trot Training Update

Week 5:
This week was an up and down situation starting with the vote on Tuesday which was pretty dissapointing but I am satisfied that Texas is still a red state with common sense and that other things were banned in the West coast was enough to keep my running going! So, here's the rundown:

My dog Lenny had a hard time keeping up with me when I ran the full hour two weeks ago, so I decided to give him a break. I'm thinking an hour is too much for him. So, I'll take Lenny out on my short runs instead, I sure miss him though...

We are still training on hills. They are not easy but I love challenges and I don't think I like them but at least I am conquering them.

On Sundays, we are now running over and hour, oh and I've decided to go Dallas for these long runs since gas is now $1.99 a gallon! So, these long runs are hard but once you get a nice tempo going, yes, it can be done. This week we are running an hour and twenty minutes long run. We are working towards running an hour and thirty minutes long, we'l l see how that goes...

My husband Chef John the Extraordinaire, has been preparing this AWESOME Blackened Chicken Fettucini on Saturday nights and let me tell you is DARN GOOD! He spices up the pasta and is to die for! For those people that are not runners, you need to eat carbs the night before a long run to get the energy you need. So, my hubby has been taking care of my running fuel! But going back to Chef John the Extraordinaire, each week, he's been exceeding my expectations; I have never been a fan of Pasta, never liked it. But this! Is out of this world! It is spicy and the chicken cooked just right! You want the recipe, I hear you say?

Anyways, I have also discovered Power Bar. Its pretty good stuff and it gives me what I need to keep on running, I don't like that Goo stuff. I think my weight is now back to pre-baby stage, I have not weighed, I hate weighing but now is not about loosing weight anymore is about getting to the finish line! With three more weeks to go, I can see myself making it. My running pace is at 9.39 minutes, when I started this training I was at 10:32 so I have improved and this keeps me going! It is all about discipline and commitment, it is not easy but possible when you put your mind to it.

Have a great weekend! God bless America and Republicans!

Love, Sandra S.

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FitMonkey said...

THANK YOU for your comment on my first post. That was really encouraging. Best wishes on your Turket Trot endeavors! That has been my tradition as well, but this year I will have to miss it :(. I appreciate your Rah-rah as I seek my fitness goals. You have already inspired me. Props to you for being so self disciplined right after having a baby. (PS. I also do not believe in "redistribution of wealth". Go republicans and all that is right and true.)