Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is it a bird? no! it might be Rain!

As I drove back home yesterday at 5pm from work, the temperature here in West Plano was 102 degrees. As I descended down to East Plano, where my humble house is and yours as well, I started noticing the temperature dropping and dark clouds entering my view and to my surprise it was raining hard! The temperature was down to 75 degrees! Alleluia! I didn't mind getting wet as I stepped down from my car to Albertson's to buy milk for my baby.

And today, it might look like rain again. But we can't count on that either. Here's what the weather people are predicting for today:

"Heat index values will top out between 105-110 the next couple of days. An isolated t-storm is also possible today. Mostly sunny & dry through the weekend." Again, the word we want to hold on to is "POSSIBLE."

No, not fun at all. I want that 75 degree from yesterday evening . darn it.

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D.Richmond said...

You have it extremely hot and we can't seem to get the heat this year. Don't you wonder what God is up to sometimes? Stay cool!