Wednesday, June 23, 2010


For the last week and a half, we have been watching the beautiful game of Football or in Spanish, Futbol, or in America, Soccer.

Today, the U.S. played against Algeria a must win game for us to advance to the second round. We were on the edge of our seats all 90 minutes until Landon Donovan scored in extra time!!! The next thing I know I was on top of mom crying out of joy!

I was very upset that they canceled out our first goal in the first half of the game, they said our player was off side and we just couldn't see that he was after the replays, neither did the commentators, but at any rate, WE WON!!! and no, it wasn't a lucky shot! It was a goal!

We move to the second round as leaders in our group, England got second. This is our first time to lead our group since 1930. Ouch! But we are here and now we face Ghana who played England today and got beaten by them 1-0. It will be a tough game and another high emotional roller coaster edge of your seat type of game.

I LOVE THE U.S. OF A!!!!!!

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