Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm not a big fan of Halloween, which means that I don't like decorating the house either, on the other hand, John is a big fan and he got off early from work, bought a pumpkin came home and carved it and after dinner took Sofia on her first trickotreating adventure. I decided that Raquel should stay for two reasons; 1. She was sick and I didn't want her outside; 2. She's only two and doesn't know or care about Halloween just yet. So, as soon as John and Sofia left Raquel and I were left looking at a big bowl full of candy and chocolate for the trickotreaters so we decided to start eating the chocolate because there was nothing else better to do than to clean dishes and who wants to do dishes when you have chocolate that has been forbidden by your doctor but for one night only I decided to not give a damn and ate chocolate...lots of it; so Raquel and I bonded during our chocolate eating adventure and when Sofia returned with a bag full of candy, the Seaman family sat in the living room and ate candy until 8pm. Yep, including me who doesn't care about Halloween.

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