Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Turkey Carb Lowdown 2011

Family, carbs, Black Friday, more carbs, Weekend, more and more carbs...and lots of naps.

Here's Raquel napping with Mocha.

Turkey defeated Vanessa on the first round. 

Mandy didn't stand a chance either...

The Fantastic 4! 

Raquel was fascinated by Mocha.

Sofia and Super Coco Beware!

On Black Friday, we got up late, ate breakfast late and went shopping for our Christmas tree and our individual ornaments. This year was the very first year that I didn't do anything but help John with the Christmas tree stand aside from that the girls took over decorating the Christmas tree! yippee!

To end the night, the girls decided the animals needed to be shown the way to Noah's Ark.

It is not a Seaman Reunion without dancing!

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